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News & Notice
Subject [KUISC 2022]In-person Student Guidebook_updated
Writer ISC
Date 06-21-2022 Tue, PM 04:28 Hits 1623
Files 22.05 고대 ISC 학생가이드북 - 최종 OL_compressed.pdf (7,491KB)
To. 2022 KU ISC Students,

Welcome to KU ISC 2022!
Hello, this is the International Education Team of Korea University.
Hope you are having a nice summer vacation.

Due to the COVID situation over the world, KU ISC has operated online for the last 2 years. Finally, the KU ISC will be reopened for both in-person and online this year. We are pleased to greet students again during the summer season here in Korea.

Please check file attached with this notice, and here is the list of file you should be getting.

The orientation will be held both in-person and online at 10:00 AM (KST) on Tuesday, June 28.
Orientation attendees are requested to arrive by 9:30am, June 28 to receive a welcome kit.
Time: 9:30am (KST), June 28
Venue: Inchon Memorial Hall

If you have specific questions that has not been addressed here or is not on our website, please do reach out to us. We will be happy to be of your assistance.

Thank you.
Best Regards,
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