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News & Notice
Subject [KUISC] Cultural Activity_K-pop Dance(+Flashmob)
Writer ISC
Date 07-01-2022 Fri, PM 12:11 Hits 753
Dear Students,

Please sign up for the Korean K-Pop Experience program scheduled on Friday, July 8th.
This program will let you explore flavors of Korea.

Please refer to the following information:

l Meeting Time: July 8 (Fri), 9:50 am
l Meeting Point: Tiger Dome B1 (Tiger Dome = Hwajung Gym ‘화정체육관’ in Korean)
l Dress code: All participants should wear KU ISC T-shirt (either red or white)!
*It is mandatory for students to wear ISC T-shirts to participate in this event.

What do we do this day?
At the Tiger Dome, students will learn the choreography moves to the song ‘That that’ by PSY. After learning how to dance, students will then move to the main plaza of KU to perform what they learnt!

l Schedule
10:00am - 11:50am learning how to dance
12:00pm - 12:30pm Take a Flashmob

*Below is a video from 2019's flahsmob!
★Youtube link★(Click)

Please sign up the google form until July 3st.

We hope you enjoyed it!

Best Regards,
ISC office
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