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News & Notice
Subject Notice for Academic Excellence and Alumni Scholarship
Writer ISC
Date 08-09-2022 Tue, AM 10:14 Hits 1267
Notice for Academic Excellence and Alumni Scholarship

* Submission deadline: August 31, 2022 (Wed) 11:59 PM

* Eligibility for application
 1. Common Matters
  - ONLY for the International Fee-Paying Student
  - KU Student and Exchange Student are not eligible for scholarship

 2. Academic Excellence Scholarship
  - Students who take 2 courses with All A+ : KRW 500,000
  - Students who take 3 courses with All A+ : KRW 1,500,000
                                   3 courses with Average A : KRW 1,000.000 (Not all courses need to be A or higher, but the average grade of three courses must be A or higher)

 3. Alumni scholarship
  - Students' parents or grandparents are Alumni of Korea University

* How to Apply
 1. Submit Google Survey below:
   - Academic Scholarship: https://forms.gle/j7EDocorYGg6tazT9 
   - Alumni Scholarship: https://forms.gle/Xi8HWSWT5MacVAsG9 

2. (For Alumni Scholarship ONLY) Submit related document below: (isc@korea.ac.kr)
   - Certificate of Graduation of Korea University of your Parents or Grandparents (or other proof)
   - Family relationship certificate

 1. If a student who is not eligible to apply for scholarship, the application will be canceled without notice.
 2. Scholarship applications will not be accepted after the application period is over.
 3. Scholarships cannot be applied in duplicate. However, in the case of Academic Excellence scholarship, if you have already received the U21/APRU scholarship, you will be taken the differences
 4. Scholarships will be paid at the end of August or mid-September.
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