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News & Notice
Subject Notice for KU ISC Internship Application (ISC 2023_updated)
Writer ISC
Date 01-18-2023 Wed, PM 01:20 Hits 1736
Files resume_sample.docx (18KB)
Dear KU ISC 2023 Internship applicants,

Thank you for your interest in KU ISC 2023 and Internship Program.
Although we are still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, KU ISC 2023 Internship Program will operate as usual. Please check the schedule and notice below.

1. Eligibility
- University/college students who are currently enrolled and have attended at least two semesters at the time of application.

2. Internship Application Schedule
- Internship Application Deadline: March 10, 2023
- Internship Company Selection Deadline: March 17, 2023 (by MS Office Form: Links will be separately emailed to Internship Applicants)'
※ The list of internship participating organizations will be periodically notified to internship applicants.
- Internship Application Result Announcement: March 31, 2023 (by email)
※ Final decisions will be purely made by the companies. Not all applicants to the internship will be guaranteed an internship position.

3. How to Apply
1) Check ‘Yes’ for the internship on ISC online application form
2) Compose your Resume/CV (Students do not have to follow KU Resume style)
3) Upload your resume/CV before March 10, 2023

 All internship "applicants" must pay "Application fee (100,000 won)" until the Internship Application Deadline.
 Internship Program is free, however, students who are accepted to participate internship must register for at least one KU ISC course and complete the payment of all tuition fee until April 10, 2023.
 All in-person internship participants must complete issue an appropriate Visa and enter Korea until Internship OT begins(May 24)
 Due to the tight schedule, please make sure to observe each deadline and check your email regularly.
 Students can get an internship certificate after successfully complete the internship.

※ Internship is a part of the KU ISC program. Program fees will not be fully refunded if you cancel the ISC program during or after the internship.

※ KU ISC internship is unpaid. KU ISC does not provide accommodation during the internship period.

※ List of available internship companies for this year will be updated soon ※

Kind regards,
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