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News & Notice
Subject Deadline for Certificate of Admission Request is May 31st.
Writer ISC
Date 05-03-2023 Wed, AM 08:58 Hits 354
Dear Students,

If you need a D-2-8 student visa to attend the International Summer Campus, you must submit the CoA (Certificate of Admission) request form and relevant documents.

Please note that CoA issuance is a time-consuming process. Considering the document submission deadline (May 26th) and the time required for visa issuance, we can only process CoA requests for documents that arrive at our office by May 31st.

CoA requests received after this deadline will not be accepted as it will be practically impossible to issue a visa for them. They will be kept for about a month and then disposed of. (We will contact those who submit documents after the deadline individually.)

International post may not arrive on time due to various factors. Therefore, please submit your documents as soon as possible.

If you miss the CoA request deadline, you can still attend the International Summer Campus with a visiting visa (C-3 visa and K-ETA) that covers the entire program period. Please proceed with issuing a visiting visa.

Thank you.
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