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News & Notice
Subject KU ISC Application Deadline Extension Notice (Regarding Website Disruption)
Writer ISC
Date 05-18-2023 Thu, PM 01:49 Hits 330
Dear students,

Yesterday evening (May 17th, 11 PM, KST), our website experienced a significant influx of traffic suspected to be a DDoS attack from a specific countries. As a result, our website was inaccessible for about 9 hours.

We have now completed the blocking and website restoration process.

Our website is equipped with an external security solution, which immediately and automatically activated defense mechanisms, ensuring that there were no incidents of hacking or personal information leaks.

However, we understand that many students who were planning to apply for the International Summer Campus may have experienced inconvenience due to the website outage.

In response to this, KU ISC Team has decided to extend the application deadline for international applicants until Monday, May 22nd, 5:00 PM (KST).

To prevent similar incidents in the future, we will shorten the monitoring cycle. If any further incidents occur, please contact us immediately via email at isc@korea.ac.kr, and we will take appropriate measures.

Thank you.

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