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Application Procedure
- Students currently enrolled in a college/university with at least one semester of attendance & an assessment will be made to select students.

For KU ISC Pre-College Program
- Academically motivated high school students
- High school graduate who never attended college level institutions (under age of 19)
Application Materials
For Non-Korean Passport Holders
Copy of Academic Transcript
Copy of Passport (Page that shows your Photo, Name, Passport Number)
Proof of Health Insurance that is valid during the complete KU ISC period
Financial proof document - Proof of balance over USD 2,000
* Only for D-2-8 Visa holders
- The bank account should be in the name of the student him/herself
- Students who submit the account of his/her parents, are required additionally to submit A Family relationship certificate or Certificate of birth
Consent Letter signed by a legal guardian (Only for pre-college students)
 ※ Documents only required for students taking in-person class
For Korean Passport Holders
Copy of Academic Transcript
Proof of Health Insurance (의료보험증)
Consent Letter signed by a legal guardian (Only for pre-college students)
 ※ Documents only required for students taking in-person class
Application Procedure
Application Deadline Period: January 5, 2022 - May 20, 2022
Complete all - in - one online application form at APPLY HERE
*Students may choose their course selection and housing option on the online application form
*Eligible students may apply for the internship on the same application form
*Each applicant will be given KU ISC ID (2022XXXXXX) and asked to create password. The ID & Password are needed for accessing application to complete payment or check payment history.
Pay the non-refundable application fee of KRW 100,000
E-mail the required application materials to isc@korea.ac.kr
Receive the Letter of Acceptance via Email
Pay the tuition, housing fee and all other remaining fees
*Payment deadline is May 27, 2022.
*Tuition and all optional fees can be paid in advance with the application fee.
Visa & Insurance
  • It is the student’s responsibility to be issued the correct type of Visa in advance at the Korean Embassy or Consulate Office. Nationals of countries or regions where Korea has signed a Visa waiver agreement may enter Korea without a Visa. However, students from countries which are excluded from the Visa waiver agreement program must apply for a short-term study Visa (D-2-8) on their own. Obtaining a Visa may be time-consuming and therefore we encourage students to start preparing for it as early as possible.
    ※ Visa application must be proceeded in the country where student’s home institution is located.
    ※ Visa application documents only issued to students taking in-person classes.

  • Once we confirm the receipt of the 1) application fee 2) tuition fee 3) copy of passport 4) copy of insurance 5) copy of transcript, the documents required for the visa application will be sent to the email address that is indicated on the application form.
    The documents include:
    - Official Letter of Acceptance
    - Academic Calendar of the Program
    - Letter of Invitation
    - Certificate of Admission
    - Certificate of Business Registration of Korea
    Please verify that the email address is correct on your application form.
    ※ Current status of visa for short-term visitors to Korea
    - Suspension of visa-waiver and visa-free entry programs applied to 90 countries (including countries in Europe and Americas) until further notice
    - Countries: 56 countries under Visa-Waiver Agreement including Thailand, Russia, France, and others, as well as 34 countries with visa-free entry including Australia, Canada, and others. (as of September, 2020)
  • Student MUST be insured before coming to Korea. Korean citizens already covered by the national health insurance policy satisfy insurance requirements.
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