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News & Notice
Subject Welcome to Korea University On-campus Housing
Writer ISC
Date 07-09-2021 Fri, PM 01:54 Hits 548
Files 2021 KU ISC dormitory (General information, rules, and regulations).docx (1,960KB)
2021 KUISC Dorm FAQ.docx (1,947KB)
★2021 KUISC Dorm Info (Map and road).pptx (428KB)
Welcome to Korea University On-campus Housing

Dear KU ISC students,

We are happy to welcome you to Korea University. This is a gentle reminder about the on-campus housing assignment for 2021 KU ISC participants. Many thanks for your patience and understanding. Please be advised for the following move-in procedures.

For further Support, please submit this survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfjUlrog1okEtZzuKE70v-maVxmj2bSOrHPOVS_DEI9mINn7w/viewform?usp=sf_link

1. Check-in & Check-out

Check-in Time: July 11 (Sun) 9AM ~ 6PM
**Early check-in will not be available.  

Check-out Time: August 6 (Fri) ~ 7 (Sat) (8AM ~ 11AM)
**Late check-out will not be available.

Please make every effort to arrive between the hours mentioned above. The housing check-in is not available for 24 hours. If you arrive after check-in time, please report to a security officer at CJ I House hall lobby. Please come to the CJ I House hall lobby directly for check-in and you will find your room number and roommate on the day of arrival (WE DO NOT ANNOUNCE THIS INFORMATION AHEAD).
* Necessary information you should know for the housing check-in: 1) Passport, 2) ISC student number, 3) PCR Test Result (sent via KakaoTalk) within 3 days from the date of entry
* You can check a detailed overview about the KU housing with the attached file of ‘2021 KUISC Dorm Info’ & ‘2021 KUISC Dorm FAQ’.
* You are allowed to send your parcel to the KU housing ONLY after check in.

2. How to Reach KU ISC Dormitory (by transportation)
    - Take the subway and get off at the Anam Station on Line 6.
    - After getting out of the ticket gate, take the elevator next to the stairs on the right side.
     (Or come out through Exit 1)
    - Find ISC Staff and follow his/her guides.
    - Using bus or Getting off at Korea University Station (Line 6) is not recommended, because it
     takes a longer time and harder to arrive at the dormitory

3. General Regulations

Curfew: 00:00 AM ~ 06:00AM (you can enter dormitory during the curfew time, but you may get a penalty)
  * You have to check-out if you violate the curfew twice.
  * Pre-report to RA if you are staying out
To prevent the spread of COVID-19, please refer to “In-person Class Students Notice” that we have sent to students separately.
Residents are fully responsible for his/her belongings.
You cannot change rooms between residents without the approval of the office.
You cannot let any non-residents in or sleep in the room (including family members).
You cannot smoke in the whole building.
All visitors are allowed to stay only in the lobby of the first floor of each building. Each visitor will have to sign a visiting form stating the purpose.
You will only be allowed to check out if your room is clean; you may be charged 50,000 KRW of cleaning fee. If you do not fulfill this duty, we will not issue your ISC transcript.

Should you have any questions, please email to isc@korea.ac.kr.

Thank you.
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