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News & Notice
Subject [Cultural Activities] Sports day notificiation
Writer ISC
Date 07-24-2023 Mon, AM 10:18 Hits 575
Files 2023 KU ISC Sports Day Student List (2).pdf (34KB)
Dear students,
Greetings from the KU ISC Team!  

This notice intends to inform you about Sports Day.

To check your application result, Please find the ‘2023 KU ISC Sports Day student list (2)' attached above.
You should wear a 2023 KU ISC T-shirt and bring your student ID card in order to participate in the activity.

1) Date: July 28 (Fri)
2) Meeting Time: 17:30pm
  *Since the game starts at 18:30 PM, ISC staff WILL NOT be at the meeting point after 18:20 pm. You may not receive the ticket later, so you are welcome to come earlier.
3) Meeting Point: Sports Complex Station Line 2, Exit 7 (Meet on the ground)
  *Shuttle bus and dinner will NOT be provided.

Due to the hot weather, please bring your hat or water bottle by yourself

Unexcused No-Show will be penalized for being ineligible for another type of KU ISC official event.
If you need to change your attendance, please send us an email BEFORE July 26, 11:59 PM. (isc@korea.ac.kr)

KU ISC Team.
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