Dear students,

Thank you for your interest in ISC.

This year, KU ISC has developed a new application system to enhance security and convenience.

However, as it is a new development, there may be some errors. If you experience any inconvenience during the application process, please contact us at

In addition, here are some important notes regarding admission applications:

1. Application Submission Link

   ▶ Registration - Apply & Pay menu

      * You can also modify your application on this page.

      * The "LOGIN" button at the top of the website is for "Administrator" use only. Students can log in and check their applications through the [Apply & Pay menu].

2. Please complete all applications in "English." Also, provide your official name as it appears on your academic transcript.

3. Do not submit duplicate applications. Submitting duplicates may result in disadvantages in the admission process.

4.  Proceed with the payment after confirming that all discounts have been applied.

   - Make sure that Early Bird, Re-enrollment, Info Session Discount, etc., are all applied before making the payment.

Thank you.

KU ISC Office