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Korea University International Summer Campus


As a subprogram of KU ISC, KU ISC Pre-College is a unique program designed to allow high school students to experience campus life. KU ISC Pre-College offers a challenging summer of academics and an opportunity for personal growth. Explore yourself on vibrant KU campus comprised of students and faculty from over 50 countries.




Academically motivated high school students (over age of 17)



Required Documents

  1. Copy of Academic Transcript or Enrollment Certificate of home institution
  2. Proof of Health Insurance (Any type that covers your stay in Korea)
  3. Copy of Student ID or Passport
    Pre-college students can not issue student visa (d-2-8), so, pre-college students need to enter Korea via tourist visa (C-3-1)


Application Procedure

Step 1
  • Complete an online application
    • Submit an online application HERE by May 17th
      • Students may choose the course selection on the online application
      • Students must create their KU ISC passwords in order to access their student account (ID, starting with 202495xxxx, will be automatically given).
    • A confirmation email (including the ISC student number) will be sent automatically to the registered email address
Step 2
  • Pay the application fee (KRW 100,000).
  • Send the necessary documents to email (isc@korea.ac.kr) with your Application No.
Step 3
  • Receive a letter of acceptance
Step 4
  • Pay the tuition, housing fee and all other remaining fees
Step 5
  • Enter Korea on date




  • Pre-college students are entitled to choose up to three courses among all regular KU ISC courses. You may follow the link to find the list of all courses: Click to move. However, some courses designed for junior and senior students may be challenging for Pre-college students. Therefore, we recommend that Pre-college students choose basic-level of Major courses or general studies courses.
  • Students may contact KU ISC directly regarding detailed course information. Please note that it is not guaranteed that credits earned at KU ISC are transferable to students’ future home institutions. The academic authorities of the home institutions will assess credit transferability of a particular course based on their policies.
  • Pre-College students will be treated as college students, and it will be difficult to offer personalized care to individual students.