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Korea University International Summer Campus

Cultural Activities



2024 KU ISC Cultural Activities

Dates Programs Seats Contents
June 29 (Sat) Lotte World Unlimited Amusement Park (Field Trip)
July 5 (Fri) Historical Tour (1) 50 Gyeongbokgung Palace (Field Trip)
July 12 (Fri) Ice-skating 100 Ice-skating at the KU Ice Rink
July 12 (Fri) Watching a Baseball Game 150 Korean Baseball League
July 16 (Tue) Visit Museum, Enjoy Seoul 50 Learn about Seoul and make tumblers
July 19 (Fri) Comedy Show 120 World famous non-verbal performance
July 19 (Fri) Historical Tour (2) 50 Changdeokgung Palace (Field Trip)
July 26 (Fri) One-day Class

K-pop Dance: 100

Taekwondo: 100

K-pop Dance & Taekwondo

*Each class is scheduled to run at distinct time slots.


*It is subject to change, and additional programs may be introduced.






- Cultural activities are FREE for ISC international students. (KU or domestic university students are not eligible to participate.)

- The number of available seats is limited, and it is on a first-come, first-served basis.

- The registration form will be sent via email.




Lotte World



Historical Tour






Sports Day (Baseball Match)



Comedy Show

(One-day Class) Kpop Dance



(One-day Class) Taekwondo